Hog Roast Menu ideas

Our Pigs can be cooked on a Spit Pole and traditionally Spit Roasted or Tray roasted in thier own juices.

 Spit roasting is very visual - people love to see the pig turning, because the spit roast keeps the pig succulent and gives it a unique flavour.  It also provides a true centrepiece to any function.

 Pigs are normally rubbed with Sea Salt and Oil to produce the perfect crispy crackling but there are many more ways to flavour the Spit Roast, such as Lemon Juice or Herbs - whatever your preference!

      Soups and Starters are also available, not to mention mouth-watering, hand-made desserts.  Please just ask for details and suggestions!

Spit Roasted Pig

This is a great menu for any event. It allows us to feed up to 180 guests from one pig. Lamb will feed less people, we can also cook multiple chickens, beef, pork or lamb joints.

The Pork Menu Includes:

  • A friendly chef to cook & carve the Hog Roast, lamb, beef or chickens

  • Homemade Bramley apple sauce

  • Beautifully cooked sage and onion stuffing, and crackling.

  • A selection of condiments including chutneys, pickles, mustards and sauces.

  • Fresh white or brown bread buns or a mixture of both.

  • A 3m x 3m gazebo to cover serving tables or hog roast

  • Paper plates and disposable napkins.

  • Spit Roasted Pig and Sides

    If you are planning a more formal sit down garden or indoor party and you would like the option of having side dishes of potatoes ( Lyonnaise, Jacket, Roast, Minted new etc ) accompanied by a choice of  our beautiful salads or vegetables then this is perfect for you. All laid out on our dressed buffet tables for your guests to choose from.

  • Handmade Desserts are also available.

    The Menu Includes:

    • A friendly chef to cook & carve the Hog Roast, lamb, beef, chickens or even venison

    • Beautifully cooked sage and onion stuffing and crackling

    • Fresh white or brown bread buns or french sticks

    • Homemade Bramley apple sauce or other sauces

    • A choice of  our beautiful fresh salads. (Please ask for a specific salad or choose from our extensive list).

    • A choice of potatoes.

    • An extra member of staff to help serve the meat and salads.

    • A 3m x 3m gazebo to cover the serving tables or Hog Roast

    • Paper plates and disposable napkins. (Crockery and cutlery can be supplied. Please ask for details)

    • Also available are whole Spit Roast Lamb and Venison please ask for more info

    • Handmade Desserts are also available.

Spit Roasted Meat Joints

Succulent Spitroasted joints of meat which can be served buffet style or individually to your guests tables along with potato and vegetable platters

Tender leg of Lockerbie lamb brushed with garlic and rosemary

Rib roast of Scottish beef ,nearly all joints are cookable via the spitroast, topside, fore rib, sirloin, silverside etc.

Juicy Gammon ham boiled first with cloves, citrus fruits and peppercorns then spit roasted and glazed with heather honey

Whole Turkeys which can be rubbed in the seasoning of your choice and spit roasted till perfectly succulent and moist.

Whole roast free range Chickens again on a spit pole attachment keeping the meat moist and juicy and flavoured with a rub or marinade of your choice.


Porchetta Italian culinary tradition. The body of the pig is gutted, deboned, arranged carefully with layers of stuffing, meat and skin, then rolled, spitted and roasted. The stuffing traditionally comprises of garlic, rosemary, fennel or other herbs. The pig is boned, rolled and cooked. Serves 80 - 100